Creating and growing a business is the most rewarding journey you can take to personal fulfillment, freedom, and generational wealth.


Anything of value that has longevity wasn’t built overnight, and like Rome, it wasn’t built without a plan and a vision supported by action.


Plan for what you want to achieve by setting a clear vision, analysing the data and developing a strategy to get there.

Act daily taking confident steps toward your goals with systems and processes in place to measure and react to changes.

Become the person you want to be and what your business needs with the ability to lead and inspire. 

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How we help you

We support you with carefully considered advice every step of the way using a unique blend of coaching, consulting  and mentoring.
 “As a business owner, we support you with carefully considered advice every step of the way using a unique blend of coaching, consulting
and mentoring”

The ideal business is very much a personal choice. Every business owner set out to create their own ideal business.


That means creating a business that provides the ideal:

Income (so you’re well paid)

Freedom (so you don’t burn out)

Scale (the size of the business you want).


We want you to be happy with the business you’ve worked hard at growing, so we help you define what an ideal business means to you. This may be different from what you think today.

Our Guarantee

If you stick with the program for 12 months and implement all the strategies provided, and we don’t find agreed business improvements (time and money) equal to our fees (ex GST), we will work with you at no cost until we do.

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Fast tracks results through one on one sessions working on the key drivers of business success, constantly challenging and refining how your business performs. 


Brings together owners and executives in a boardroom style setting. Together you roll up your sleeves, leverage each other’s knowledge, and work on growing your businesses. 

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Supporting business leaders to harness corporate knowledge and drive organisational improvement with an emphasis on professional development. 


Why choose StandishCo

We’ve started, grown, and sold our own businesses - been there, done it.

We are accredited members of the Trusted Advisor Network with 50+  business advisors across Australia and New Zealand

We are results driven with an unrelenting focus on performance and creating Your Ideal Business.

Boardroom Sessions

We offer a 90-minute boardroom session as an introduction to working together.


The goal of this session is to understand the potential of your business and identify the tasks that will help you achieve your ideal business. Key areas we look at include:


Promotions Target Clients / Lead Generation / Closing Sales

Margins          Costs / Pricing / Cashflow

People           Systems / Reporting / Culture


The outcome of this session is a plan for the next twelve months with three priority projects you can work on immediately.

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