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When business owners set out to create and grow a business, they’re often wearing all the hats, juggling between sales manager, marketer, being on the tools, and finance director. When you’re working in the business, it’s a challenge to create and work on a strategy to lift you out of the day to day and plan for the longer term.


But this birds-eye view is essential if you want to create your ideal business.


Not only do you want to expand your business, you want it to provide you with the ideal income, freedom and scale. What’s the point of a business that keeps you trapped at your desk or tied to your team and customers?


At StandishCo, we help you stay focused on your goals while leveraging each day to fulfil your vision.

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We work with you to set strategy, prioritise tasks/actions and generate improvements across the nine priority areas where money is made or lost in any business.  This is done through a blend of consulting, coaching and mentoring with the assistance of our proprietary analytical software.


As we go, we monitor, analyse and report regularly to maximise ROI.

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Business Advisory

Our Business Advisory Program fast tracks results through one on one sessions to work on the key drivers of business success, constantly examining, challenging and refining how your business performs. 

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Boardroom Program

Boardroom sessions bring together owners and executives in a boardroom style setting. Together you roll up your sleeves, leverage each other’s knowledge, and work on growing your businesses. 

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Executive Coaching

One on one executive coaching supports corporate leaders to harness corporate intelligence and drive organisational improvement with an emphasis on professional development. 

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Boardroom Sessions
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We offer a 90-minute boardroom session as an introduction to working together.


The goal of this session is to understand the potential of your business and identify the tasks that will help you achieve your ideal business. Key areas we look at include:


Promotions Target Clients / Lead Generation / Closing Sales

Margins          Costs / Pricing / Cashflow

People           Systems / Reporting / Culture


The outcome of this session is a plan for the next twelve months with three priority projects you can work on immediately.

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